BBT Online Goes Fairtrade

On Tuesday December 8th, Eventonline was present – as a partner – at the event ‘BBT Online Goes Fairtrade’. As the name suggests, it was a charity event organized by BBT Online with, besides Eventonline, several other partners and all this for the benefit of organizations such as Oxfam, Street Food World etc. It didn’t take long to convince me to confirm our participation, because if the major players in our industry have the opportunity to join forces for a praiseworthy cause, that’s what should be done.

Place to be was ‘Brasserie Midi Station’, a very nice venue in Brussels. I had never been there, strange but true, and was therefore pleasantly surprised by the beauty of this venue, with lots of interesting features. A venue that is indeed equipped with all necessary technical facilities as well. Interesting also is the large car park (250 spots) nearby. When you rent the venue, you can use the parking free of charge.

A pity, however, was the limited turnout for an event that actually was put together for our industry. Nevertheless, those present got a good feeling being there and for me it was a great pleasure to meet so many Eventonline customers realizing that we are actually working in an exciting industry where people have their hearts in the right place.
Kudos to Karin De Graauw of BBT Online for this laudable initiative, organized in Brussels, in these times a true statement, just like our MICE party.

In short, a nice event, good food, good vibes. Wood Approved! The absentees were wrong, as always. – Erik Wood


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