VO Event has chosen the Wild Gallery for one of its gala evening!

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VO Event is one of the biggest event agencies in Brussels. This agency is known for organizing B2B and B2C’s events. For the celebration of one of its customers gala, VO Event has decided to choose the Wild Gallery. The evening was themed ” Happiness and success ” and its goal was to combine company members and customers.

With its abilities to create beautiful events, VO Event used the Wild Gallery’s white velums to realize its decoration. All was made by beautiful projections, it was amazing!

According to Nikita Cols, the account manager of VO Event, the Wild Gallery was the best location for this choice of decoration.

The event included three parts, in three different rooms. First of all, a ” diamond cocktail “. Then, a dinner with a conference made by Paul Van den Bosch, Topcoach. And finally, a cocktail party with a DJ who created the best mood in the evening.

For each moment of the event, VO Event wished to have different atmospheres. This agency was seduced by the flexibility of the Wild Gallery. ” It is a place that allows you to have an evolution through your event because you can change of atmosphere and move from one place to another”, says Nikita.

The VO Event’s creativity and the Wild Gallery’s flexibility have impressed the guests!

Wild Gallery
11 rue du Charroi – 1190 Brussels
Tél: +32 2 344 41 55

VO Communication SA
Rue de Stallestraat 142 – 1180 Bruxelles
Tél: +32 2 290 31 40

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Halls for staff events in Brussels – Wild Gallery


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