Sunrise yoga session at Park Hyatt Mallorca

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Imagine you have three or four days full of meetings and workshops or in case of an Incentive Trip or Team Building event, a schedule full of activities and actions. What would be the most efficient and motivating way to get most out of your MICE event at Park Hyatt Mallorca and to start with a fresh mind and a positive mood? Have you thought about Yoga in the morning before beginning that stressful and full packed day? Park Hyatt Mallorca offers such a lot of peaceful spaces surrounded by untouched nature and inspiring atmospheres that invite to start the day with an inspirational sunrise yoga session. After following the advices of one of our professional yoga teachers, while catching the first sun rays of the day, and a healthy breakfast at our Balearic Restaurant, you will be full of energy and your body and mind are ready to start the day with lots of renovated vitality for productive meeting sessions at our unique meeting rooms The Residences, presentations in our Park Ballroom, great outdoor activities at the virgin beaches, quiet mountains or historical villages around Park Hyatt Mallorca. Then, after lots of hours of intense meetings and exhausting activities, finish your day enjoying a calming treatment at our Serenitas Spa or doing some workouts at our gym or Country Club, before tasting our delicious F&B offer at one of our four restaurants. The yoga session is completely adoptable to your needs and can be organized before, in between or at the end of your event at Park Hyatt Mallorca. It is up to you. The important thing is that you and all attendees of the MICE event have a unique experience and that they are full of energy, so that they can be their best.

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