Add color to your day with Thon Hotels in Brussels!

Winter is coming in Belgium with its cold and rainy days but at Thon Hotels, they are thinking of you! Are you ready to add color to your day?

As a regular traveller, you are used to discover new hotel rooms, to make your check-in, to wait for elevators and to visit a new city. How is Thon Hotels making the difference? In their hotels, they are taking care of the little details, the extras that create a better experience and make your day even better. A little piece of cake before leaving? A fresh drink at your arrival? A big and comfortable bed to rest and release pressure?

Adding color to your day is about doing these small things every day for all the guests. It is about making sure you have a memorable stay – not only at the hotel but also at the destination. For example, in partnership with VisitBrussels they will set up screens in their lobbies to provide you information about the latest exhibitions in town, our restaurant recommendations and the best places to visit. Perfect to make the best of your stay!

And of course, the master piece of your stay: the breakfast. At Thon Hotels, they do what they can to improve their breakfast to meet all your expectations and desires. Get a taste of Belgium at the varied breakfast buffet with local products such as chocolate, speculoos, waffles, milk, cheese or honey. They offer a variety of gluten and milk free options on their sweet and salty buffet. With different fresh juices, their hot and cold breakfast will fit your morning wishes.

The last hours in the Thon Hotels are the most important to give you the last positive impression. This is also the reason why their hotels are designed with energising colours to put you in the best possible mood in the morning. Their well-known wallpapers and colourful furniture give you the energy to start your day and begin your daily work! Nothing better than to see butterflies while enjoying your coffee.

Last but not least it is about what they stand for as a company with their sustainable and green actions and their role in the local community. It is always important to highlight that small gestures create something bigger: they offer their guests to skip room cleaning every day if they stay for more than two nights and encourage everybody to avoid the waste of food. Also, all Thon Hotels in Brussels are using 100% renewable energy… Added together, these actions will add color to your future days.

Are you ready to add color to your day?


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