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Oostende is the ideal place to host meetings. The unique setting is just a bonus. Agreed, convincing your clients, determining the agenda items and creating the presentations, all that is still up to you. But everything else? You can leave that to us. You don’t have to worry about technology, catering and a place to stay.

Why not opt for a meeting in genuine Art Deco style? In addition to an excellent restaurant and luxurious hotel rooms, ‘Thermae Palace’ is the perfect venue for seminars from 6 to 450 persons. At the ‘Andromeda Hotel’, you can meet with a great view of the sea. ‘Bero Hotel’ is renowned for its ecological approach.


In Oostende you have a wide selection of unique meeting locations. Take ‘Galerie Beau Site’ for instance, where you will be surrounded by works of art, or ‘De Grote Post’ which has an extremely rich history. Maybe you want to be amidst high-technology companies, then ‘GreenBridge’ is the perfect location for you while ‘The Pigeon’ offers a splendid view of our racetrack. Why not combine your meeting with a football match? Then we recommend the ‘Versluys Arena’ as your meeting venue.


Give your meetings that extra touch and host them in Oostende for a unique experience. Our motivated team is at your service and will be happy to make all practical arrangements for you. Any questions? Just ask!

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