Connections and Ameri-Can Day was at Docks Dome!

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Docks Dome had the immense honor of hosting the first “Ameri-Can Day”! This exceptional event organized by Connections in collaboration with New Balls Please took advantage of the venue to transport the public to the other side of the world!

On the agenda for this special North American day: thematic sessions on Canada and the United States, national and international speakers to share their experience on the spot, travel experts, entertaining activities and of course American food and drinks! What a delight for youngs and olds!
At their arrival, visitors were greeted on the front terrace by a long red carpet covered with stars along which a red Ford Mustang was exposed. Once past the door, an old-fashioned shoe polisher and a gospel choir were there to offer a Hollywood-like welcome! Next door, a virtual reality session in a plane decor set up. Guests were then able to discover the incredible conference and dining areas inside the venue itself.

Although this event took place in the fall, the public also enjoyed activities on the panoramic terraces of the Docks Dome: lying on fatboy, they could listen quietly to conferences but also enjoy American specialties in different foodtrucks.

This day allowed visitors to discover North America from all angles: nature, culture, food, adventure, history, etc. Some examples of thematic sessions: “New York, capital of all superlatives”, “Alaska into the wild”, “Splendors of Eastern Canada”, …

In short, a first successful edition for Connections!
The Connections travel organizer has for years been the Belgian reference for travel to the United States and Canada.

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Locatie voor personeelsfeesten in Brussel – Docks Dome


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