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Park Hyatt Mallorca and Chef Álvaro Salazar have collaborated to present a new and unforgettable gastronomic proposal this spring. The Head Chef, recently awarded a Michelin Star for the third consecutive year, moves to Canyamel with his whole team: Mario Wolgast, the knowledgeable restaurant director, María Cano, the talented sous chef who knows her way around the kitchen and Sela Priego, providing her delicious and unforgettable desserts and pastries.”

VORO is a bold, exciting, sweet and intense gastronomic proposal where you can find two tasting menus that will evolve constantly and a wine list with 200 national and international references.

“VORO” menu consisting of 10 courses and “DEVORO” representing a spread of 15 courses allowing the guest to dive a little deeper into the free-spirited cuisine of Alvaro Salazar. Both menu options will be customized depending on the regularity to which a guest comes to the restaurant as well as their personal requests.

“VORO” is also available for exclusivity and private events. For groups the delicious cuisine will be available as a banquet menu. The Andalusian chef has specifically mentioned that “the most important thing is that the client feels at home. Whenever possible, I will have direct contact with them. We work in an open kitchen so guests can see us cooking live.” Providing personalization, pure luxury and cherished food is the perfect combination for a group event.

Let your event in the hands of Park Hyatt Mallorca and we will make sure to create a memorable experience!

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