Discover the Van der Valk Congres Hotel Liège

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Welcome to the Van der Valk Congress Hotel Liege! The ideal place for your seminar, your private event, or your meetings. Located on the left bank of the Meuse, in the park of Boverie just next to the convention center and a few steps from the city center, in a district in full renewal, with the museum of Boverie, the tower of Finances, the Guillemins or the new footbridge, the Van der Valk Congress Hotel Liege has become a must in Liege

219 rooms and more ****

The Van der Valk Congress Hotel Liege has 219 rooms, (Jacuzzi suites, business suites, hammam, apartments, etc.) 3 restaurants (brasserie, W & l’italian corner restaurant) 1,500 m2 of terraces facing south along the Meuse, a wellness and fitness center (Kineo), a unique bar in Belgium & a panoramic Skybar on the 10th floor, which offers a magnificent view of the fiery city.

Seminars or Banquets

The Hotel has 2 banquet rooms that can reach a maximum capacity of 200 people with a total of 450m2, both of which are equipped with the latest technologies, as well as its private spaces that allow you to organize your meetings or private events. With all the audiovisual facilities and many options your event will be a success!

This new hotel, open to all, is the ideal place to discover the exciting “Cité Ardente”, easily accessible with more than 150 parking spaces.

Van Der Valk Congress Hotel Liege
Esplanade of Europe, 2/4020 Liège


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