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“Congress organizers today are looking for uniqueexperiences. Congress Centres should therefore try to offer something extra. 

We are here – as FMCCA – mainly to praise the possibilities of a conference centre that combines ‘the best of both worlds’. 

The brand new Congress Centre is state-of-the-art; plenty of daylight, modern technology, but is also linked to the unique historical surroundings of the Antwerp Zoo.

Apart from the quasi ‘instant CSR’ (corporate social responsibility) aspect of animal welfare, this opens the door to fascinating experiences. 

What about a magical networking moment between the flamingos, or a morning run in the zoo before it opens to the public?  

Imagination and creativity without limitations.  

We are convinced that these are strong assets to bring international congresses to Antwerp.

Ilse Van San, Sales Manager
Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp

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