Hilton continues to innovate

Hilton is a well-known name, but not everyone knows all the possibilities we have to offer. Hotels are part of the ‘city marketing’ initiatives of a city. 

For Antwerp we want to show what can be done. Hilton Antwerp Old Town enjoys a beautiful location, butoffers much more than just the rooms. For instance, there are also the events and dinners, which can be organized in our Belle Epoque Room.

Brussels also has a few extra assets in this respect. I am thinking of the brand new Godiva café with chocolate as its attraction. We would also like to point out here that our rooms in Brussels have been renovated. 

We are really convinced that here, with the support of ‘Visit Flanders’ and FMCCA, we will experience a top edition in Frankfurt.

Vincent Deprez, Sales Manager

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A unique historic ballroom within Europe – Hilton Antwerp Old Town


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