Swedish fun at Holiday Inn Brussels Airport

Johanna Taelemans, Sales Specialist Holiday Inn Brussels Airport immediately tells you what their position is. “We are one of the largest hotels in the region around the airport, with a capacity of 310 beds and more than 16 meeting rooms, allowing us to accommodate upto than 500 guests. Still, everything stays friendly and surprising because – among others – we use a Swedish acronym to back our story.

Johanna continues on the SKOJ concept. SKOJ stands for ‘fun’ in Swedish, but we give it an extra meaning, the S stands for the surprise-element, the K for creativity, the O for Originality and the J for Joy. To really experience it, you should visit us. But to give you an example, we’ve recently turned our garden into a beach paradise, with lots of sand, palm trees and everything that goes with it.  Ideal also for a party or a barbecue. We love surprises like that.

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Modern meeting room Brussels – Holiday Inn Brussels Airport


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