The “bronze-green oak wood” also has its charm and advantages

“These kinds of fairs give me a kick every time. It is the second year that we have been here, and it gives me a kind of adrenaline boost.  The tension and the challenge, how to make yourself known? How to make a difference? Not only with the internationally renowned cities, but also with the domestic cities in Flanders. 

Our traditional cities of art have a great deal to offer, and we in Limburg have to find other points of differentiation. There is nature, hospitality and the culinary dimension, but also the proximity of neighbouring countries such as the Netherlands and Germany. Many organisers consider this to be an important asset.  

For example, we recently won the ‘Euro Velo Congress’, a congress on cycling tourism at which we competed with nine other destinations, and we have been given the possibility to organise it. 

When the people of that congress came to explore, they immediately felt that authenticity, which plays to our advantage.

The ‘bronze-green oak wood’ plays its trump cards: culinary, nature and hospitality.
Limburg can compete with other destinations in its own way and plays its trump cards to the full.
 As a smaller region, it is exciting to make a difference with other weapons.

Tamara Weide
Belgian Limburg Convention Bureau

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