fielddrive Covid Safe solutions framework

In these challenging times there is room for opportunity and rethinking our role in the meetings and event industry.

The new normal for conferences and events implies new regulations and safety measures that will apply both to retail and event venues. Our vast experience in crowd management, access control and facial recognition has led us to create a brand new product line that we are rolling out under the name “Covid Safe solutions” to support a safe environment for events, venues and retail.

As we wait for the full re-opening of the meetings and events industry, we can learn a lot from retail. Retailers manage large numbers of visitors and must closely monitor the maximum number of visitors in any given retail space.

The Safe entry kiosk is our first Covid safe solution. It uses facial detection to monitor the number of visitors present at any time per sq/m and it’s being rolled out from May 1 in over 30 retail stores.

How it works

Cameras placed at the entrance and/or exit of the venue monitor the number of visitors in the store, and also measure the dwell time of each visitor. A display at the entrance indicates the current number of people inside the store, and using a simple traffic light system, let’s those waiting outside the store know when they are safe to enter.

Additional information is also made available to the retailers: the number of visitors, dwell time and peak traffic hours are all available through insightful dashboards.Additionally, these insights can be further enhanced through additional measuring points within the store. There is even an option for this information to be viewable online so that visitors can check remotely on the occupancy of the store. The system is fully anonymized and GDPR compliant. It is also more cost efficient and accurate than using manual counts. Furthermore, it removes the physical interaction with store personnel at the entrance, thereby further avoiding further risk of contacts.

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