Gather refreshing ideas in the shade of the Sonian Forest – Seven Heads Conference

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Everyone is talking about the new style of meetings. Recharging in an informal setting, far from everyday concerns at the office …

Where could be a more ideal setting for this than the idyllic Seven Heads Conference, close to Brussels and Leuven? Upon arrival, even the most stressed-out meeting junky feels a wonderful feeling of peace descend.

Its homely feel immerses participants at meetings and other corporate events in a relaxed atmosphere. In this unique environment, refreshing insights spontaneously emerge.

In the conference room, equipped with all the latest technological gadgets, participants find inspiration organically in the rural panorama.

The large terrace allows a welcome break. A relaxing walk through the nearby Sonian Forest revitalises discussions. Or perhaps company in the renewed AfricaMuseum will engender some innovative ideas?

Vergaderzaal in Tervuren – Seven Heads Conference


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