It’s that time of the year again … at ‘Living Tomorrow’!

It’s almost that time of the year again … So you should be thinking about your new year celebrations, staff parties and other festive events!

That’s where ‘Living Tomorrow’ comes into the picture. A venue with a wide range of possibilities. Add in the right atmosphere with twinkling fairy lights, the fresh pine smell of Christmas trees and hot drinks accompanied by high-end catering spoiling your taste buds. Furthermore, blend in some unforgettable innovative activities such as 3D pen workshops where you can make your own gifts or genuine VR experiences that will blow your socks off!

Contact us and start thinking outside the box with our team of event planners to present your company or organization with an innovative boost that will leave an impression. How about that for ending the year with a bang?

In short, innovation at your service via meetings and events combined with:

• Workshops: 3D pen, drones, robots, etc.;
• Tesla test-drives;
• VR experiences;
• Future Trends Sessions;
• Art Inspiration Tours.

Seminarie en congreszalen Brussel – Living Tomorrow



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