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Sophie Coumont, General Manager of Hotel de la Source, had the pleasure to attend a session given by John Ayo at the Site Global Conference in Vancouver about wellbeing and travel. “It was super interesting as we are all professionnals and travel regularly. The session was all about tips & tricks for business and leisure travel. John is specialised in the MICE Industry. That’s why I wanted to share some of his knowledge on Mice Magazine”, she says. Read on to find out how you can maintain your balance in 2020.

Meeting Balance for 2020!

It’s a known fact that the meeting professional job can be quite stressful. She has to manage everything from speakers, to hotel management to having the right foods for the right people at the right time. Lots of moving parts! The key thing is that she can’t be effective if she is stressed and overwhelmed.

Maintaining Sanity!

  • Schedule a self-care day monthly
  • Protect this time on your calendar!


  • Drink filtered water
  • Add chia seeds (maybe 1 TBSP) to your water to boost cellular hydration

Proper Breathing

  • Proper breathing means that you are breathing deeply, down below your belly button (you might put your hand there as you practice), while keeping your chest relatively still.
  • Try inhaling for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds and exhale for 4 seconds.

Best Fuel Possible

  • Good quality fruits and vegetables (organic where possible)
  • Whole grains (very small amounts, if any)
  • Healthy fats (natural ones – coconut oil, avocado, olive oil, walnuts, macadamia nuts…).
  • She doesn’t need as much protein as she might think (depending on lifestyle), so she could add some in the form of beans, nuts, lentils (if vegetarian) and/or good quality meats (organic, grass-fed) or eggs..

Stress Management

The reality is that she cannot control what happens to her, but she does have a big say in how she responds.

  • Breathe deeply
  • Schedule stress release activities on the calendar and keep the commitment
  • Movement is a requirement for true stress reduction – walking is fine
  • Be careful with technology – The EMFs (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) that are invisible yet have a HUGE stress impact on her body.
  • Keep her phone away from her as much as possible, and if she must keep it in her pocket, put it in airplane mode.
  • This especially applies at night, where she’ll want to put her phone in airplane mode and keep it at least six feet away from her head. This one thing alone can improve her sleep.
  • Get outside into the sun, with bare feet on the earth

Her body is always trying to heal itself…all the time! Her mission is to make life choices that will support this and give it what it needs (nutrition, air, water, movement…) and take away things that are hurting it (low quality foods, shallow breathing, sitting all day, dehydration).

When she cares for herself, she is not only looking out for her own health, but also putting herself in a position to perform best for her team, customers and the overall event success.

John Ayo is an Internationally recognized keynote speaker, wellness expert and author. He was a successful sales rep that survived in the super stressful technology sector with IBM for 19 years, then moved into sales training and meeting planning internationally for 12 years. He delivers his motivational content on staying healthy and sane in a crazy world (especially when you travel) via presentations and workshops for large groups and corporate events.

Conference hotel in Francorchamps – Hôtel de la Source


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