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We think about the planet, Let’s add some color to your future meeting,
Looking for a hotel that shares your sustainable vision to organize a meeting?

The driving force of this meeting shall be its 100% renewable energy, the food you will eat shall be local and the means of transport you will use to join us shall be electric bikes, public transports or else electric cars. We hope you will feel welcome at our buffet! If you are looking to understand how a hotel can reduce its carbon footprint, you will be in the right place! Why? Because you will smell the scent of fair-trade coffee, because you will give homemade pastries a try, because you will see beehives on the rooftop and crossing the green corner.


2021 has been a pivotal year. Indeed, “the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report 2021” symbolizes a warning signal that we cannot be unaware of. Still, Thon Hotels Brussels decided to take things in hand a long time ago. Our hotels have no fewer than:

  • 3 Green Key eco-labels, a reference to choose sustainable accommodation with high environmental standards such as the drastic reduction of our energy consumption.
  • 2 Eco-dynamic Enterprise certifications that reward our environmental awareness, especially in terms of waste management.


For Thon Hotels Brussels, it is completely conceivable to combine high quality service and the decrease of our ecological footprint:

  • 100% of our electricity comes from renewable energy sources.
  • Our roofs are retiled of 421 solar panels whose 232 at Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie since 2021. For that matter, the solar panels’ provider of the latter, Green Energy 4 Seasons, decided to plant 232 trees in 2021, one tree for each installed solar panel.
  • All our hotels in Brussels provide safe bike parking with electric chargers. Plus, we have charging stations for electric cars.

100% LOCAL

Moreover, the Thon Hotels chain in Brussels incites waste reduction, by offering Too Good To Go breakfasts. It is worth it! 32,5 Kg of CO2 have been saved since July 2021 at Thon Hotel Brussels Airport. Our hotels also reuse by reducing water flow of the tap to 6 l/min or by participating in the European Week of Waste Reduction with Les Petits Rien’s donations to less fortunate.

In addition, Thon Hotels Brussels is genuinely committed to fair trade with a 100% fair trade coffee, Puro Coffee and support local companies that sell fair trade tea, free-range eggs, Belgian cow’s milk, pudding pastries etc. For example, our Thonner’ke beer is locally brewed with 100% Belgian hops so that you can try a tasty and typical triple blond beer which is certified by the gold label and that is made by local companies too.

Thon Hotels Brussels also cares about local biodiversity. For example, our bees that inhabit the roof of Thon Hotel EU, have been given 175 kg of honey for 7 years. BZZ…The humming of our bees will not go unnoticed!  On this roof top, there is also a garden for seasonal fruits and vegetables at Thon Hotel EU. Let’s bring a watering can!


Finally, Thon Hotels Brussels enrolls in financial help to associations: our Red Cross’ donations, for instance, came to 4 448 hot meals for homeless people, in only 3 years. In fact, for more than a one-night stay, customers who do not want their room cleaned will be thanked with a voucher worth €5 coins and can donate to 3 associations by putting it in the Green Totem.

Without forgetting that Thon Hotel EU and Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie are used to organize 4 blood donations days per year from now on. 312,5 L of blood in 2 years is something to be proud of!

For more information on our other and numerous green actions or to inspire us even more, please contact us:

Hotel met conferentiezaal luchthaven Brussel – Thon Hotel Brussels Airport

Hotel met vergaderfaciliteiten in Brussel – Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre

Seminarie Hotel Brussel – Stanhope Hotel Brussels by Thon Hotels

Seminariezalen huren Brussel – Thon Hotel EU


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