Special events and accessibility go hand-in-hand in Brussel

All meeting planners are concerned with urban mobility.

Fortunately, Brussels has an excellent transport infrastructure and organizers can offer their delegates a variety of options for moving around the city and to their event’s destination. Metro, trams, buses and trains are the most efficient transport solution for getting around Brussels Special Venues easily, rapidly, cheaply and in a sustainable way.

But which of these will work best for your guests attending your next event in Brussels?

Easily access any Brussels Special Venue by public transport!

Today, we would like to help you with these choices, so that when you start planning your event round your chosen venue, you will not have to worry about accessibility. Through this link, you will find all our members’ venues and you will be pleased to learn that all are ideally located and easily accessible within a VERY short walking distance from a metro, tram, train or bus station.

Start planning your event with no worry about accessibility now

(Pic © www.visitbrussels.be – E. Danhier)

Inform us about your next event; we will be happy to guide you: heidi@venues.be

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