The Cintamani Stone (Architect of EMOTION) pulls off Stunt hosting Opening Qatar Esports WEGA Global Games after Limited Preparation Time

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The Cintamani Stone & Architect of Emotion (TCS-AoE) adds the Grand Ceremony of the Qatar Esports WEGA Global Games 2020, hosted in Doha by Aspire Zone and organized by Truxtun Capital, to its already impressive list of joint creative productions. TCS-AoE was founded by Steven Martin at the beginning of this year, after over 25 years of experience in event marketing.

The said event is a unique multi-games competition featuring CSGO, DOTA2, Street Fighter V, and the eFootball PES series. This Grand Opening Ceremony in Doha was the first of four big events in the calendar and is followed by the WEGA Champions™ in March 2020; a world-wide online competition starting September 2020 and the QATAR Esports WEGA Global Games™ and Global Games Great Final™ in December 2020.

The Challenge

The real challenge for the teams of TCS-AoE consisted of time, or rather the lack of. Indeed,  TCS-AoE received its first briefing on 11 November, 2019, for a stadium opening ceremony to be produced already on 17 January, 2020, a date which later would even be moved one day forward.

True Feat

TCS-AoE pulled it off. From first briefing to full concept and basic designs in only 12 days’ time, including technical site visits, budget studies as well as simultaneous show/content development, always fine tuning to match the situations, budgets, communication goals and partnerships, in short … a true feat!

Belgian Experts

Hence, TCS-AoE set up a team of Belgian experts with a worldwide expertise to assist the team of The Planners. Main technical production partner since years Ludo Vanstreels (Trimex), Lighting Designer Luc Peumans (Painting With Light), Video Expert Jo Pauly (Visual Solutions) and partners like Showtime Entertainment Services, Showtex, Toprek and many more. Content was impressively made by the joint team of Studio Sheji and Prismax, supervised by TCS-AoE director of video Pascal Degrune (Pix&Real) and an amazing sound score was edited by Tino Plettinck.

The live experience in the show created by TCS-AoE was a combination of talents flown into Doha and local groups, schools, sports centers.  They all were managed by a team of 5 highly experienced show runners, show caller Patrick De Coninck (MOVE4Events) and Assistant Artistic Direction Katleen Rens (O’Contraire). Choreographers Sylvie Planche and Jérôme Louis De Meuter (Zikit) and Noi Pakon (Noi Pakon Projects) supported all the scenes.

“Many said it could not be done in such a short time, and yet again … our team nailed it,” Steven Martin commented after the show. “You need three things to achieve this within such a short notice: a good idea and vision to start with, but most important, the right talented and skilled people around you. Moreover, they were all willing to step on board immediately and take on this huge challenge just before the Christmas holiday period! They are the best of the best!”

While the clients’ reaction was total amazement with how TCS-AoE pulled everything together with such detail in such a short period of time, the event kicked the WEGA Global Games season off to a brilliant start.


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