The Docks Dome at Brussels received the Business-to-Business Press & Communication Awards

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The Docks Dome at Brussels received the Business-to-Business Press & Communication Awards, renamed this year in B2B Awards.

As Sam Williams-Thomas – CEO OgilvyOne Business said:

“The B2B Marketing Awards are the only awards that are 100% focused on excellence in B2B marketing and celebrate great thinking, creativity and results across the industry.

Competition is very tough and trophies highly prized so we’re delighted to lead the Awards table and receive this recognition for our clients and OgilvyOne Business.”

It is now divided into two contests to highlight the differences between Press and Communication. The B2B Awards rewards the best agency, coming from four different continents, in global B2B.

Thanks to Profirst who organised this whole event they made of Docks Dome a perfect place to host the 400 guests. A corridor with candles invited the guests to a warm and cosy reception.
The main room fitted perfectly with the event theme, it was mainly made off black with different lighting game, had about forty black tables. A bar and a lounge area consisting of sofas and a coffee table were the only decoration of the room that focuses on the sobriety and natural beauty of it. The blue velvet hangers were perfect with the tone of the event.

Once all the guests were settled at their table, the awards ceremony began; it was followed by a hearty dinner prepared by the caterer Léonard. The event ended after midnight and the guests enjoyed the beautiful evening filled with great prizes.

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