The Wild Gallery, a place of exchange on Europe

Interreg Europe, the programme to help regional and local authorities across Europe develop and implement better policy, has decided to organise the 5th edition of its annual “Europe Let’s Coorperate” forum in the capital of Europe at the Wild Gallery.

The objective of the “Europe let’s cooperate” forum at the Wild Gallery was to bring together and bring together people who are interested in cooperation in Europe and exchange their different experiences. Nearly 500 guests were able to discover the impact and results of interregional cooperation.

According to Interreg, there are now solutions that can help Europe’s regions to do their best. Regions are now under pressure to exploit their potential and take advantage of their innate strengths. To achieve this objective, Interreg Europe offers regional and local public authorities across Europe the opportunity to share ideas and experiences on public policies in practice, thus improving strategies for their citizens and communities.

The heart of the event was ideas, exchange of views and networking with peers and partners from all over Europe through participation in various activities in the rooms of the Wild Gallery. The Interreg initiative has enabled peers from other regions to share their inspiration and exchange experiences.

These three days of well-filled forums were rich in learning and inspiration. In the warm atmosphere and lights of Wild Gallery, the Interreg Europe forum was able to offer a unique experience and a new way of seeing things to its guests and partners.

Wild Gallery
11 rue du Charroi
B-1190 Brussel – Belgium
Tel:+ +32 486 43 43 33

Les Arcuriales – Entrée D, 5e étage
45 rue de Tournai
59000 Lille – France
Tel: +33 328 144 100

Zalen voor personeelsfeesten in Brussel – Wild Gallery


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