Thon Hotels launches New Promo Video

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Thon Hotels has launched a new promo video to offer its customers a preview of what to expect once they become a guest in a Thon Hotel. Olivier Wauters, Executive Director of Eventonline had a chat with Celine Batteauw, Marketing & PR Manager and Arne Declerck, Sales Manager of Thon Hotels about the video.

“We want to show the service level of our different venues and the commitment of their staff to our guests,” says Celine Batteauw.

“We also like to point out the diversity of our services within our hotel chain and the many options for our clients, in which area of Brussels they want to stay or which style they prefer,” adds Arne Declerck. Within our chain the customer will always find something that pleases him or her. This way we make it easy for our guests in a way. There is only one point of contact. With the video we wanted to point out that we have a unique opportunity here in Brussels to have five different products which all have their unique identity. Most of them are colorful, bright, and a bit inspired by the Scandinavian style.

Thon Hotels is one of the largest chains present in Brussels under the same brand name.

We have concepts for any type of event on any scale with capacities from 2 to 400 persons,” says Celine Batteauw. We have different types of hotels, gardens that can be privatized, a five-star luxury hotel, thus a broad range of choices.”

The new corporate movie of Thon Hotels captures the commitment of the staff, their professionalism.

“We wanted to stress the fact that with Thon Hotels it’s all about the customer’s experience, from the check-in at the reception desk to the meetings in a board room,” Celine Batteauw states.

“We wanted to catch the moment of what we can offer and trigger our customers to become aware of what we have,”ends Arne Declerck.



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