TownHall Europe, where fresh ideas meet informed debate

Situated a stone’s throw from the European institutions, you can find TownHall Europe, a modern meeting space. It is a hub for cross-cutting debates and insightful discussions, bringing together citizens and world leaders. A high-tech, contemporary space with a surface of 240m², TownHall Europe boasts high-tech, innovative technology to connect Brussels to the rest of the world.

Along with its large outdoor 60m² terrace and fully equipped kitchen, this top-notch venue offers a multitude of possibilities for a wide range of events.
TownHall Europe is equipped with the WeConnect technology of Barco. With the enormous LED screen, you can connect up to 24 persons from around the globe virtually to the meeting room.

Hence, TownHall Europe is so much more than an event venue. Indeed. It’s a leadership center welcoming the exchange of ideas and information helping a new generation of young leaders and responsible citizens to develop the skills and tools needed to make informed choices.

High-Tech Vergaderzaal in Brussel – TownHall Europe


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